Accredited Senior Agents…the future of real estate

The Pivotal Master ASA Program™ is a ten-year old comprehensive program that trains Canadian real estate agents in everything they need to know about selling real estate for people 55 and older. Recently (January 2017), Pivotal Aging Innovations acquired the ASA™ and MASTER-ASA™ Programs and is poised to make this into an industry disruptor. For anyone involved in real estate transactions involving seniors and older adults, this all-Canadian course should be mandatory.

The ASA™ is a two-day information-intensive program. Real estate agents who go through the program call it “packed” and “thrilling.” Professional agents acquire knowledge in legal matters and other straightforward information but they also have their eyes opened to understanding seniors better. The course features key insights into the psychology of older Canadians and how that differs markedly from what might be considered “common sense” when dealing with typically younger clients. No real estate agent should deal with seniors without taking the course. And last time buyers and sellers should not deal with anyone other than a Master ASA™ or an ASA™

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