Pivotal ASA™ & Pivotal MASTER-ASA™ programs.
Management services for older adults in transition.
…More than just REALTORS®

Canada’s largest network of REALTORS® focused on Senior Transitions.
     The ASA™ and MASTER-ASA™ programs elevates the quality level of the average REALTOR® and improves their position within the industry. Many REALTORS® are simply transaction-based practitioners, however the ASA™ program begins to bring forth the REALTOR® willing to offer improved services through education and understanding, while the MASTER-ASA™ program expands that level and offers to network with many resources and 3rd party organizations allowing them to excel as the go to network in transitioning older adults.

   Offering solutions and Essential Conversations™ for:

  • Retirement home transition services – working with retirement homes – solutions?
  • 55 year old couple finding themselves in an empty nest position – solutions?
  • A wife or husband finding themselves living alone (death of a spouse or divorce) – solutions?
  • Adult children faced with aging parent(s) – solutions?
  • Older adults faced with a decision of retirement or LTC – solutions?
  • Families discovering a member has developed Dementia – solutions?
  • Families needing to move closer together – grandparents to grandchildren – solutions?
  • Cohabitation of seniors or families – solutions?
  • Leaseback programs – solutions?
  • Families need for accessibility – solutions?

These are some of the transitions families currently face and will continue to face as the number of Boomers go through life’s transition periods.  Pivotal believes that no matter where you are in your life’s story, a transition will be required.  Pivotal’s MASTER-ASA™ program is positioned to assist families in discovering the best solutions available for older adults.

Pivotal holds a network of Senior Agents™ throughout the GTA and across Canada.  No matter where you are or where your loved one is, we are able to assist you and your family in a caring and understanding way working on making your transition as stress free as possible.

Our partners assist us in:

  • Offering Essential Conversations™.  Families need to explore feelings and intentions.  Opening conversations with family members, deciphering individual roles and strengths.
  • Consulting clients needs and consulting with Retirement homes
  • De-cluttering, organising and moving needs
  • Older adult investment needs and priorities such as guaranteed incomes
    (performed by Lic. Financial advisors)
  • Preparedness consulting
  • Home staging, repairs if needed
  • Legal matters, wills, estates
  • In home care or assistance plus many many more…

We ask you…

  • What does your future lifestyle look like?
  • Who can you trust to offer you unbiased information and guidance?
  • Would you trust your parent with just any REALTOR®?
  • Are you confident that you are being offered solutions or just standard options?
  • There are over 42,000 REALTORS® in the GTA all competing for your business – Pivotal offers you consulting first, then solutions, then REALTORS®

REALTORS®  We ask you…

  • What truly makes you different?…please don’t say your ability to help, sell fast or offer competitive commissions!
  • Do you understand the power of BabyBoomers and older adults?
  • Do you have the patience and empathy to work with older adults?
  • Do you put clients before commissions?
  • Are you dedicated to advancing your education and expanding your reach?
  • Are you wanting Canadian content in Senior transition education?
  • Did you take your SRES simply because it was an elective?

If you are serious in learning more about how to be better positioned in working with older adults, becoming a niche marketer and partnering with an organisation that networks with dozens of Senior related services, then we invite you to reach out to us and begin your education as a
Pivotal- Accredited Senior Agent.
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