Pivotal understands the importance of continuing to build on past experiences and extends this model by offering unanimous results to a team of researchers specialized in Elder Care.  These results assist Pivotal in future developments for our clients.  In turn allowing our clients to deliver improved techniques to their clients and patients.

Seeds of Great DiscoveryPivotal Aging Innovations’ platform of research is based on 3 sources.

1. The ‘Measureable Results’ of the performance of the client, Long Term Care or Retirement communities.  These results are compiled, analyzed and charted for inclusion of future research and included for Mandated Policy & Procedure. These ‘Measurable Results’ also offer insight of non/compliance, employee wellness and the organizations areas of improvement.

2. Our research continues to benefit seniors and Caregivers by delivering improved programs based on our Allied Professionals Ashby Memory Method™ program.  Professionals delivering the Ashby Memory Method™ provide measurable results for the client/patient.  This information is offered to our researchers for future development and expansion of cognitive retention therapy.

3. Pivotal Aging Innovations is a primary sponsor of the Canadian Seniors Association (CSA) in providing the opportunity for research students who are passionate about theoretical and applied research in health and aging. 

Pivotal in partnership with CSA will assist in identifying the common themes in order to develop the resources required to embrace and engage in Friendly Aging Community Environments towards the future in Patient Experience and Integration.  This training supports the translation of knowledge into practice required by the new Long Term Care Homes Act along with the Excellent Care for All Act. (Ontario/Canada)

Pivotals’ leadership training manual entitled, “W.R.A.F.T” (Wounds, Restraints, Abuse, Falls Training) lays the fundamental foundation to the introduction of leadership, risk, safety, abuse and neglect.   Behavior support interventions and preventions are  identified in order to deliver the best quality of care for everyone in long term care while empowering our seniors’ caregivers, allied healthcare professionals and future researchers in the area of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and cognitive (dis)abilities. 
Identifying  Always Events® & Experiences will assist in further developing the psychosocial skills required to meet the evolving complexity of care to further enhance the delivery of services more effectively and efficiently during this pivotal time in healthcare.

The development of the current training model brought forth the expertise of many contributors such as:

  • Dr. Paula van Wyk  BHSc (Hons) – Western University, MHK – University of Windsor, Ph.D. – Western University),
  • Denise Bedard –(BA Kinesiology – Western University; MHS – Athabasca University; Clinical Nursing Organizational Leadership Stream; LTCSM; FSNM; CQI).  Denise is also working towards her PhD in Health Rehabilitation Science Health and Aging Specializing in People Centred Care & Geriatrics.

The Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute – The Ashby Memory Method™

  • Don Chapman President & CEO
  • Liz Dickin (BHSc (Hons) – Simon Fraser University,  MBT (GPA 4.0) University of Calgary, Alberta.

Special contributions by:

  • Dr. Don Morrow, PhD, CPCC, PCC & Dr Jennifer Irwin, PhD, CPCC, PCC

Dr. Jennifer Irwin and Dr. Don Morrow both are award winning teachers, certified professional coaches trained and accredited with both the Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation, and experienced, competent Motivational Interviewing (MI) workshop facilitators. They are also university professors, widely published authors, and proficient presenters. Dr. Irwin is a health behaviorist and Dr. Morrow holds his PhD in the health sciences and together, they bring over 40 years of combined, professional experience. Both are Professors at Western University, London, ON.

Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. is positioning itself to grow into an impactful national organization with its focus on People Centred Care – Always Events® & Experiences (defined as procedural and substantive actions that should accompany every resident or patient experience.) Always Events® are the provider actions/practices that create an Always Experience® for residents/patients/families and staff.      http://www.ihi.org/Engage/Initiatives/PatientFamilyCenteredCare/Pages/AlwaysEvents.aspx

“The concept of ‘Always Events’… is the medical measurement equivalent of that popular management tool of ‘Always catch someone doing it right!’

Physicians are likely to want to participate in discussions about these positive and important aspects of the care experience.”

  • Tom James, MD Medical Director, National Network

“The vulnerable need a voice and your voice can directly impact those that need it most.”

Original research papers: Denise Bedard

ENCHANTMENT: A Legacy Teaching Culture

A Legacy Teaching Culture: Improving Long Term Care in Ontario


Scientific Team © 2012 Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute All Rights Reserved.  The Ashby Memory Method™

The institute was founded in 2005 to research and develop therapeutic cognitive stimulation methods to improve quality of life and functioning for persons affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

  • Dr. Mira Ashby
  • Dr. Dastoor, MD, FRCPC Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Center of Aging McGill University. Clinical Supervisor, Department of Psychology, Universities of Concordia, McGill & Montreal.
  • Olga Lymperopoulou, BA, MSc Director of The Memory Clinic – Neurodegenerative Diseases Department, Hygeia Hospital, Psychological and Cognitive Assessment Center, a private educational organization offering specialized training to psychologists and healthcare professionals.
  • Dr. Stephen J. Kiraly, MD, FRCPC Vancouver Coastal Health, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia. Author, lecturer and noted speaker on brain health.
  • Jade Cartwright, Speech Pathologist, Curtin University, Australia Coordinator, Master of Speech Pathology Program, Curtin University. Clinical interests in dementia diagnosis and intervention, stroke rehabilitation and management of progressive neurological disorders.
  • John Ashby, CPCA Professional Consultant on Aging Principal development partner, AMM Dementia Intervention Program. Founder, Alzheimer’s Institute.