ENCHANTMENT: A Legacy Teaching Culture

This teaching tool was developed as a resource guide for health care leaders to utilize in establishing a culture whereby seniors will experience a renewed personhood and sense independence. This vision is built on a Legacy Teaching Culture with a holistic approach to care, inclusive of emotional and physical rehabilitation. This resource guide discusses the concept for enchantment and personhood, process of implementation and sustenance of the new culture.

“Building Legacies in a Person-Centred Culture”
Denise Bedard
Founder & CEO, Pivotal Aging Innovations

1. Enchantment a Legacy Teaching Culture

A Legacy Teaching Culture:

1 This paper was submitted in fulfillment of the program Master of Health Studies: Policy Structuring, under Dr. Vicki Greenslade, Athabasca University, Athabascau, Alberta

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2. A Legacy Teaching Culture

Legacy Teaching culture image Enchantment A legacy teaching culture