As Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc., continues to add to their education roster, the Accredited Senior Agent™ program is now part of our lineup of senior specific training for the Real estate industry.

“Understanding the important roll REALTORS® have when an older adult is faced with a transition is not something that is natural to an agent, it is something that needs to be understood and delivered with compassion and empathy.  It completely falls under our model of being person centred”  Paul Cutajar  partner of Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc.

In working with the Accredited Senior Agent™ program founder and developer Barry Lebow, Pivotal is now able to bring this unique niche training to the real estate industry.

Why real estate?  Because real estate has proven to be the number one asset holding vehicle most older adults have and although many insist on never leaving their home, life seems to have a special way of interfering with our plans.  These plans are often disrupted by illness, the passing of a life partner, financial need, lifestyle change or simply to be closer to the grandchildren.  These life transitions would most likely require the sale of property.  Therefore training REALTORS® in understanding your special circumstances and how it fits in with today’s market is an important aspect in choosing the right REALTOR®.  Let’s face it, anyone can sell a house but only a well training professional can manage the often complex transition.

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