Jan 2019 witnessed Pivotal’s first professional conference related to REALTORS working with seniors via the Pivotal Accredited Senior Agent training program. With the many developments 2019 offered, Pivotal is now ready to open up the conference to include all Senior service providers as it hosts the 2nd annual Finding Gold In The Silver Market Conference (2020).

The 2020 conference will be looking to network with several industry professionals as it developed relationships with the Canadian Institute Of Certified Executor Advisors ( CICEA ), the Elder Abuse Prevention outreach, Legal perspective, Understanding Senior Housing Solutions
( SeniorCareAccess ) and the Mississauga chapter of the Certified Executor Advisor Network.

The conference is designed to invite collaboration between professions and introduce innovative programs over many areas of expertise.

Pivotal will continue to work on growing the conference with the addition of affordable ‘vendor’ tables’, (2021) and possibly adding a 2nd day to the lineup.

If you are interested in attending, becoming a speaker or general inquiries please contact Paul(at)PivotalAgingInnovations (dot) com. to register for the 2020 conference please visit https://connectatfindinggold.ca/