Getting to YES!
An opportunity for retirement homes to partner with real estate professionals focused on Senior transitions.


Hi, my name is Paul Cutajar.  I am a partner of Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. and a MASTER-Accredited Senior Agent, specifically focused in assisting families and older adults interested in rightsizing to a retirement living lifestyle.

After several years focused in this senior transition marketplace, I have been successful in working with a network of REALTORS® across Ontario that offers services through an organization called MASTER-Accredited Senior Agents and Accredited Senior Agents – Canada’s largest senior related REALTOR® organization.

As a Lifestyle consultant you may be expected to:

  • Market your brand
  • Generate leads
  • Interact with community organizations
  • Meet with families and individuals
  • Meet sales quotas
  • Express all the benefits your organization and location can offer with the intention of leasing space with or without care.

Your challenge may be…Getting the client to say ‘YES!’.

Often potential clients are reluctant to say yes for several reasons.

1.I need to get rid of my stuff first

2.I need to sell my house so I have the money

3.I’m really okay sleeping in the living room and never going up or downstairs again and more…

Preparing them for the transition and offering assistance in easing their burden and stress is often the challenge before leading them to a yes.  Partnering with a MASTER-ASA can go a long way in moving towards a successful placement.

Why not empower yourself with a MASTER-ASA in your tool box?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to partner with a REALTOR® that could bridge the gap between you and the client’s concerns, especially in dealing with a smooth sale of their property and dissolution of personal items by an agent that understands the nuances of a senior transition and your offer for residence and care?

No matter what Ontario city or town you are in, our network of senior focused REALTORS® are available and ready to speak with you in building your relationship.

Find out what a MASTER-ASA can do for you.

Book a personal interview today!

Paul Cutajar
Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc.