Behind every closed door is a story…what’s yours?

As Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. continues to expand its programs for seniors, their families and carers, we are happy to announce that we are providing stunning vinyl overlays for resident’s doors to their suites.

Originally offered for retirement and LTC homes offering services to residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s – these overlays offered an opportunity to distract residents from visual stimulants such as ‘exit doors’ or ‘mechanical access’.  By offering a pleasing visual overlay, residents were not drawn to these areas adding to their safety and reduced negative behaviours.

These vinyl overlays offer a pleasant visual distraction from ‘exit’ doors or ‘service doors’ while offering those with cognition concerns the visual ability to recognise their door.  To improve the affect, a custom image may be used of the individuals actual front door prior to transitioning into a residence.

Named DementiaDoors, these vinyl overlays continue to offer these residents the benefits mentioned however it didn’t stop there.  Employees also enjoyed the pleasing images and felt it made the area feel like home.  Residents on independent and assisted living areas also found it to be very welcoming and asked to have their doors personalised.

These vinyl overlays offer a secure covering to the doors without causing damage when removed.

They offer a sense of comfort, familiarity, home and ownership while offering a fun and conversational opportunity improving the quality of life of the owner as well as passerby’s.

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Pricing starts at $599 installed.  Txs and custom image additional.

Adding character to retirement living.
“Express your personality and share your unique flair!”